Ceremony Kicks Off 2023 Iwata Academy – APU / Ritsumeikan Course


May 9, 2023

On April 12, a ceremony was held to mark the start of the 2023 Iwata Academy-APU/Ritsumeikan Course.

The ceremony was attended by 29 first year high school students from Iwata Academy new to the course, 16 second year students who were unable to attend the ceremony last year because of the COVID pandemic, representatives from APU and Iwata Academy, and ten APU students who will assist in the course as teaching assistants (TAs).

Dean of Academic Affairs Serik Meirmanov opened the ceremony, greeting the students, "I am extremely pleased that after three years we have come to a point where we can gather together to mark your entrance in this course," before going on to showcase the learning at APU as it turns to the New APU. He concluded his remarks with a supportive message for the students: "Aim for your future three years from now, and study well."

Next, representing the new students, first year student Kosuke Inaishi addressed the gathering, "I came to know APU as a small United Nations, and chose this course because I felt it would be an ideal place to realize my future dreams. I am grateful for the classes at APU, and I will do my best in my studies." Second year student Yukimasa Yokoyama then spoke about the course and expressed his aspirations for the future. "Last year's opening ceremony was held online due to the COVID pandemic. We experienced many difficult situations because we had to communicate online with the TAs supporting us. I am extremely happy now that things are beginning to return to normal. I will use what I have learned thus far to further improve my skills."

Officials from each school were introduced, and one by one the TAs introduced themselves to the students in the course.

Concluding his closing remarks, the principal of Iwata Academy Yoji Kodama, encouraged the students: "At APU you will be able to develop multicultural competence. Now you are not only students of Iwata High School, but also members of APU. Be proud, and study hard."

APU and the Oita City-based Iwata Academy signed a university-high school liaison agreement in May 2007 as a way of promoting the development of globally-minded graduates in Oita Prefecture. This agreement led to the establishment of the Iwata Academy - APU/Ritsumeikan Course in April 2008.

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