APU Students Intern with Alumni! GAIA program debriefing session


Jun 15, 2023

APU conduct the GAIA (Global Internship with Alumni) program, which provides internships under the graduates of our university who are active both in Japan and overseas.

On May 17th and 18th, 2023, nine students who participated in GAIA at SWC Beppu Wakabakai, ABICO Inc., ROYGENT PARKS HANOI and SYSMEX held an activity briefing session this spring.

Rei Funakoshi (College of Asia Pacific Studies, Japan) and Aina Yano (College of Asia Pacific Studies, Japan) were fully inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of "daring to do something no one has yet tried, or achieving something that no one else is capable of in order to contribute to society” of the alumna who hosted both of them. Huy Hieu Nguyen (College of Asia Pacific Studies, Vietnam) commented that “the alumnus who hosted us proved to be the greatest mentor we have ever met", and strongly encourages all current students to actively engage in internships.

Students from all over the world study at APU and pursue a wide range of goals after graduation. GAIA is just one program that supports students in forming career paths over the course of their four years of study at the university. Programs like these give students the opportunity to network with industry professionals while learning practical skills.

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