The town of Hiji in Oita Prefecture and APU have formed an Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Agreement


Aug 3, 2023

On Monday, July 10, 2023, a ceremony was held at the Hiji Town Hall to commemorate an industry-government-academia collaboration cooperation agreement between Hiji Town in Oita Prefecture and APU. The ceremony was attended by Mayor Hirofumi Honda, Vice Mayor Jyunji Ichimaru, Manager of Policy Planning Office Shinzo Kajiwara of Hiji town, and Acting President Hiroshi Yoneyama, Vice President Akito Asano, and Deputy Director Toshiyuki Kuriyama from APU.

Hiji Town and APU had previously formed a "Friendship and Exchange Agreement" in 2007, and this new agreement was established to further collaborate with the local community. APU aims to contribute to the realization of Hiji Town's "Vision for a Sustainable Future" and address local issues through the newly established College of Sustainability and Tourism as part of "A New APU."

The specific items envisioned under this agreement include:

  • Youth residency
  • Environmental conservation and new energy
  • Positive circulation of the local economy
  • Education and human resource development
  • Advancement of local administration
  • Activation of the community and improvement of municipal services.

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