Mr. Yukio Okamoto, a former visiting professor of Ritsumeikan University, has generously donated his publications, books and materials.


Oct 17, 2023

On September 21, 2023 (Friday), the late Mr. Yukio Okamoto, former visiting professor of Ritsumeikan University, who served twice as an advisor to the Prime Minister of Japan, donated approximately 350 books, including his own publications, related to international relations and diplomacy. He was active in a wide range of fields, including advising government agencies and corporations, giving lectures, and writing about international affairs in the media as a diplomatic expert. The donation was made by Mrs. Kyoko Okamoto, the wife of Mr. Yukio Okamoto, and representatives from Okamoto Associates, Inc.

On the special occasion of the donation, a book presentation ceremony and the unveiling of the “Gifted Donations Bookshelf” were held. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Yasuo Okamoto, the younger brother of Mr. Yukio Okamoto, who also delivered a special lecture at the entrance ceremony, Mrs. Kyoko Okamoto, and members of Okamoto Associates, Inc.
Mr. Yasuo Okamoto said, "The items we have donated this time are writings that reflect my brother's feelings and thoughts through his experiences as a diplomat. I am delighted that they will be placed in the APU Library, where students from all over the world gather. I am certain that my brother would be pleased to contribute to the learning of students through these books.”

The donated books are now available on the "Gifted Donations Bookshelf" on the 1st floor of the APU Library for many students to easily browse and borrow.

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