Beppu City Mayor lectures in a special program on "Beppu Community Development", a practicum of the College of Sustainability and Tourism


Oct 19, 2023

On October 11, Beppu City Mayor Yasuhiro Nagano visited as a guest lecturer to inaugurate the special program "Beppu Community Development," a practicum of the College of Sustainability and Tourism. The lecture was conducted in both Japanese and English and was attended by many domestic and international students.

Under the theme, "Contemplating the Management and Governance of Sustainable Cities - Advancing Beppu’s Regeneration Through Harmony and Cooperation", the lecture introduced the plans and practices in Beppu's tourism industry. Beppu City analyzes the current state of its tourism based on three keywords: "visualization," "sustainability," and "enrichment," supported by numerical data and other evidence. Based on the analysis of this data, the city has developed unique initiatives to ensure the happiness of both the community and tourists, while aligning with global trends in the tourism industry. Presently, they are implementing the "new hot spring therapies and wellness tourism" project, establishing a hub for hot spring research and practical efforts to strategically promote tourism in the wellness market.

During the lecture, Mayor Nagano emphasized that tourism is a means to achieve the "happiness of the citizens" and not an end. He also highlighted the importance of distinguishing between means and ends in any endeavor, as confusing them can drastically affect methods and results. In the Q&A session, students asked a variety of questions about his motivations behind running for mayor, specific initiatives of his projects, and what he as a mayor can uniquely accomplish. Mayor Nagano responded attentively to each student's inquiry.

At the conclusion of the lecture, Mayor Nagano delivered an empowering message to the students, saying, "There's no such thing as wasted experiences in life. Everything you do, especially during your time as students, is valuable. It's up to you to decide if your chosen path is the best one. Don't hesitate, break free from the norm, enjoy life to the fullest, and relish your student life at APU."

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