21st Tenku Festival - Write Your Story


Nov 20, 2023

APU hosted the "21st Tenku Festival - Write Your Story" on October 28th (Saturday) and 29th (Sunday). Every year, this festival gives the local community the chance to experience a multicultural and multinational environment. The Tenku Festival also helps foster intercultural understanding, promotes regional development, and serves as a platform for students to showcase their regular activities.

Organized by students, the Tenku Festival Executive Committee chose "Write Your Story - Create Your Future" as its theme. This academic year represents a "second opening" for APU, and the committee positioned it as a year to further expand their world. They expressed a strong determination to create their own future in this expanded world. With the pandemic's influence gradually waning, students have begun tackling their individual challenges. The committee hopes that the students' endeavors will inspire visitors and instill hope for the future.

The festival featured stalls set up by clubs, student organizations, and alumni, offering international cuisine and sustainable products at a flea market. Moreover, at a specially arranged stage in the fountain square, participants saw vibrant performances by clubs and individuals. Various activities, including the "Tenku Tree" project, where dreams and messages were hung, and a bingo tournament, were organized by the Tenku Festival Executive Committee.

The Tenku Festival Instagram:

Saya Kobayashi (College of International Management, 3rd year), who served as the leading representative for all 42 members of the Executive Committee for this Tenku Festival, joined as a committee member from her first year and has continued until her third year, inspired by her seniors who led the previous committees. Kobayashi started preparations in January of this year and she was almost exclusively staying on campus for committee duties in October. Through this experience, Kobayashi said that she learned to oversee the whole process and handle individual members with consideration. On the day of the festival, she received words of gratitude from visitors and alumni, brimming with a sense of accomplishment. From now on, she will continue to pursue her academic work toward her next goal, which is to be active overseas.

21st Tenku Festival Executive Committee - General Affairs Team of 4 Members
Representative: KOBAYASHI SAYA, College of International Management, 3rd year
Vice Representative: TERAMAE UNO, College of International Management, 3rd year
Vice Representative: CHEN Kuan-Lin, College of Asia Pacific Studies, 4th year
Treasurer: OKADA MIU, College of Asia Pacific Studies, 3rd year

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