"Students Propose New Business Ventures in a Collaboration Seminar with Yamato Transport"


Dec 6, 2023

On November 11th, APU students held a presentation of the results of the "Collaboration Seminar," carried out in collaboration with Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yamato Transport"), which took place at Yamato Transport's Haneda Chronogate headquarters.

At APU, we conduct the "Collaboration Seminar" as one of the regular classes in which we operate with the cooperation of corporations. The aim is to provide students with an experiential process that involves research, analysis, and group discussions, culminating in presentations of proposals to corporate executives. The "Collaboration Seminar" with Yamato Transport has been an ongoing class for over 10 years since 2011.

In the fall semester of 2023, 14 students divided into 4 groups and took on the challenge of proposing new business ventures. For approximately one month starting in October, students learned about Yamato Transport and had discussions among groups with their mentors, who are Yamato Transport employees, to prepare their proposals.
The presentations included discussions on new packaging materials, proposals for business projects mindful of SDGs, and lively Q&A sessions among students. As a result of the selection process, the team presenting "Nekotaku," which aimed to improve the working hours of delivery drivers involved in redelivery and reduce delivery costs while enhancing service, was selected as the winner.

Mr. Masayuki Ishii, Executive Officer of Yamato Transport (Personnel and Human Resources Development), conveyed his thoughts and advice on the proposed content, stating, "Each group's presentation had valuable perspectives, and it was inspiring to see the potential for your future endeavors. The real value in this event was not just in the presentations but in the lively Q&A that followed. Q&A sessions deepen discussions and serve as a source for creating business ideas. Generating businesses requires collaborative efforts beyond mere presentations to create value, producing value through collaboration that lies ahead."

All participating students expressed their thoughts with smiles, saying, "It was a valuable experience during our university days. We are genuinely glad to have participated."

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