Held a “Dialogue to learn about the world” to hear from people involved


Dec 8, 2023

APU Tokyo Office held a dialogue titled " Dialogue to learn about the World " on Saturday, November 18th, at the Ritsumeikan Tokyo Campus. Education professionals from various regions across Japan, including Hokkaido and Iwate Prefecture, participated in the event.

The session included a lecture by Kouji Ogawa, a high school educator practicing "thinking history" education at Ina Yayoigaoka High School in Nagano Prefecture. Following this, there was a panel discussion involving APU graduates and an exchange of opinions involving all participants.

During the first half, attendees listened attentively to Ogawa's speech, which highlighted the shift in history education from mere input-focused classes to an exploration of our ways of thinking using history as a foundational material, citing specific examples.

The latter part featured a panel discussion on "the significance of learning history" with three graduates of the university, hailing from Uzbekistan and Mongolia, who had experienced their primary and secondary education during the early 90s. Their narratives, shaped by living through a societal restructuring that altered the history they were taught, offered a unique perspective as stakeholders in an era often focused on the histories of major nations within historical education. This subsequently presented attendees with fresh perspectives on history. A lively exchange of opinions ensued among participants at the venue.

Post-closure, valuable insights were shared by participants on topics such as defining ethnicity, historical figures, methods for establishing peace, and the significance of dialogues with people from around the world.

The APU Tokyo Office aims to actively provide opportunities for learning about and engaging with the contemporary world moving forward.

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