Minister of State for External Affairs of India Visits APU


Dec 7, 2023

On November 10, 2023, Mr. V. Muraleedharan, Minister of State for External Affairs, visited APU. He was accompanied by Consul-General Nikhilesh Giri, from the Consulate General of India in Osaka-Kobe. On that day, President Deguchi, Vice President Yoneyama, Vice President Asano, APS Dean SATO Yoichiro, admissions staff and Indian students studying at APU welcomed the Minister and engaged in discussions. Currently, APU has seventy undergraduate students and three graduate students from India enrolled.

After the discussion, a lecture by Mr. V. Muraleedharan was held for current students. The Minister presented on the theme "India and the Emerging World," introducing India’s remarkable economic growth as a world-leading IT country. The lecture attracted many students interested in international relations, and they listened attentively. He also shared his perspective on the current global situation, drawing from his wealth of knowledge and experience.

On the day of the visit, a ceremony to unveil the sculpture generously donated by the Minister of External Affairs in commemoration of his visit was held at Sakura Sky Garden. Mr. Adwaita Gadanayak, a sculptor who created the artwork, visited APU as well and shared words of joy. Indian students currently enrolled at APU also participated the ceremony, watching over the moment of the unveiling. This artwork is exhibited in Sakura Sky Garden and can be appreciated by anyone at any time.

【Information about the Sculpture】
Artist: Mr. Adwaita Gadanayak
Exhibiting Location: Sakura Sky Garden
Artwork: Soul
Description of the work: This sculpture doesn't directly depict the "soul" but rather symbolizes the journey in search of the soul. The Indian granite used in the sculpture carries its own history, allowing us to contemplate our existence over a long period and ponder thoughts for the future through the history of the stone. It is a piece that generates a vision for the future suitable for the university environment.

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