Multicultural Weeks of Six Countries and regions Held in the Fall Semester


Dec 12, 2023

Starting with Nepal Week on October 9th, APU held Multicultural Weeks for six countries and regions - Nepal, Taiwan, Korea, Mongolia, India, and Indonesia - during the fall semester. These weeks concluded amid great enthusiasm, with officials from the respective embassies visiting APU during Nepal and India Weeks, closing the 2023 academic year on a high note.

Multicultural Weeks are highly popular events among APU students, who come from over 100 different countries and regions. Student groups focusing on each country or region prepare diligently, showcasing their traditional and culinary cultures over a week-long period. During this time, the campus is adorned with decorations related to the featured country, hosting various events. Additionally, each week culminates in a vibrant grand show as a finale.

All planning and operations are executed by students. Some students engage in the organization of their home country's week, while others participate in managing weeks related to their countries of interest. This collaborative effort brings together a diverse student body of international and domestic students, fostering skills necessary for engagement within society regardless of country or region of origin.

Fall Semester Schedule:
October 9th (Mon) to October 13th (Fri): Nepali Week
October 16th (Mon) to October 20th (Fri): Taiwan Week
October 23rd (Mon) to October 26th (Thu): Korean Week
October 30th (Mon) to November 3rd (Fri): Mongol Week
November 6th (Mon) to November 10th (Fri): India Week
December 4th (Mon) to December 8th (Fri): Indonesia Week

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