APU Students Win International Humanitarian Law Moot Court and Role Play Competitions


Dec 22, 2023

The International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Moot Court and Role-play Competitions organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) delegation of Japan were held at the University of Tokyo (Komaba campus) and Waseda University On the 2nd, 9th and 10th of December, 2023. Following the achievements of the last two years, the APU teams participated in the competitions once again and became this year’s champions in both competitions. This year marks the third year in which APU achieved first place in the Role-play Competition and the first year being placed first in the Moot Court Competition.

The ICRC Delegation in Tokyo has organized the IHL Moot Court and Role-play Competitions with the aim to not only test the theoretical knowledge of IHL applied in armed conflicts but also to challenge students’ skills on the practical application of these principles.

Under the guidance of Associate Professor Miharu Hirano from the College of Asia Pacific Studies, APU’s four-member team won the Moot Court Competition, skillfully navigating legal cases as prosecutors and defendants. Simultaneously, APU’s three-member team excelled in the Role-play Competition, showcasing a nuanced understanding of diverse conflict scenarios.

These achievements grant them tickets to represent Japan in the most prestigious international IHL moot court and role-play competitions—the 22nd Red Cross IHL Moot of the Asia Pacific Region (Hong Kong, March 2024) and the 44th Jean-Pictet Role-play Competition (Nepal, April 2024). The students hope that these achievements will inspire future students interested in international law and its pivotal role in conflict resolution and global peace endeavors.

Winning APU team members of the IHL Roleplay Competition:

PERERA Galhenage Vinuri Udeshi (APS 4th year, Sri Lanka)
NGUYEN Ngo Phuong Thao (APS 4th year, Vietnam)
PHAN An Khang (APS 4th year, Vietnam)

Winning APU team members of the IHL Moot Court Competition:

KUMARAWATI Anya Mahrani (APS 4th year, Indonesia)
BAJRACHARYA Purbi (APS 3rd year, Nepal)
KHAN Ahona Paromita (APS 3rd year, Bangladesh)
ZHANG Nicky (APS 4th year, USA)



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