20th Anniversary: “APU Global Family Day” at APU!


Jan 10, 2024

On Saturday, December 16, the APU Alumni Association organized a "Global Family Day," gathering 870 individuals including graduates and current students from around the world (65 countries/regions). This event was planned to foster camaraderie among current students, faculty, and alumni, marking the 20th anniversary of the APU Alumni Association's establishment in 2023.

During the opening speeches, eight speakers including five alumni, two current students and a representative of citizens supporting APU students took the stage, affirming the bond within the APU family.
Subsequently, designated time slots were allocated for networking among attendees based on their regions of origin, affiliations, seminars, and other units. Additionally, a business matching session involving companies and organizations from Oita Prefecture enabled current students to seek employment opportunities and alumni to explore career transitions.

To ensure enjoyment for alumni families as the title suggests, the APU Alumni Association groups, "APU Kids School" and "Student Organization SAS," organized events tailored for children. The reception that concluded the event included expressing gratitude to outgoing President Deguchi, whose term ended in late December, and welcoming President Yoneyama, the incoming president.

As part of the APU Alumni Association's 20th-anniversary celebrations, the European Chapter held its general assembly in Lisbon, Portugal, in October, attracting 19 participants from 11 countries/regions.

*Note: The APU Alumni Association, established in March 2003, consists of a total of 37 chapters, encompassing 10 within Japan and 27 internationally. Alumni hail from approximately 150 countries/regions, fostering interaction not only domestically but also through international chapters named " Regional Chapter." Each chapter organizes various events such as workshops and sports tournaments, enabling alumni to strengthen their connections beyond graduation years.

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