Former President Deguchi Conducts Book Donation and Attends Unveiling Ceremony


Jan 29, 2024

On Friday December 22, 2023, a book donation and the unveiling ceremony of the bookshelf for the donated books were conducted by former President Haruaki Deguchi (currently serving as Pro-Vice President). Former President Deguchi, an avid reader, who has emphasized the importance of "people, books, and travel" in life, donated approximately 100 of his own books and around 900 materials related to philosophy, history, and culture, expressing his hope that the students' learning experience would be enriched.

Former President Deguchi stated, "Please make full use of these books. To make the world a better place, one must explore the world. I hope all students will venture out into the world." When asked about the future, he added, "I want people to know more about APU, to understand it better." President Hiroshi Yoneyama, along with sharing anecdotes about former President Deguchi, expressed gratitude, saying, "If we can continue to enrich the library and make good use of the books you have generously donated, it would be wonderful."
During the subsequent commemorative photoshoot, which included staff members, a student who said they came to APU after reading former President Deguchi's book, and others who rushed in after their classes finished, all gathered around him, creating a scene of shared conversations.

The donated books have been placed on the first floor of the APU Library so that many students can access them.

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