Students Propose Solutions to Tsukumi Dolphin Island Tourism Challenges


Feb 5, 2024

On January 14, 2024, an internship presentation was held at the Tsukumi City Civic Hall, featuring proposals for resolving tourism challenges on Tsukumi Dolphin Island.

This internship was jointly conducted in the fall of 2023 by Marine Palace Co., Ltd., operator of Tsukumi Dolphin Island, along with Tsukumi City, the Tsukumi City Tourism Association, and Professor Thomas Jones, Professor Kiyoyoshi Yoshizawa, and Assistant Professor Rie Usui from APU's College of Sustainability and Tourism, with seven APU students participating.

During the internship held from November 26th to 28th, students deepened their understanding of tourism issues on Tsukumi Dolphin Island and the importance of environmental education, while also exploring activities related to environmental issues. The seven participating students conducted on-site inspections, interviews with the city, tourism association, and Dolphin Island staff. They deepened their discussions related to environmental issues, considering aspects such as "environmental issue response," "availability during rainy weather," and "multilingual signage."

The outcomes of this initiative were showcased in the "Tsukumi Tourism Citizens' Lecture," where approximately 80 citizens gathered to hear the presentations by APU students. Numerous specific proposals were presented, including strategies to attract international visitors, the development of new tourism products using technology, and environmental education through experiential tourism. During the Q&A session, many citizens, including the Mayor of Tsukumi City, actively participated, engaging in lively discussions about the potential for Tsukumi tourism and Tsukumi Dolphin Island's development, as well as innovative approaches to tourism incorporating hands-on experiences and environmental education.

At the end of the reporting session, Dr. Ronda Green, Chair of the Wildlife Tourism Australia Association, provided feedback. A commemorative photo session with Dr. Green, Marine Palace President Hashimoto, Dolphin Island staff, the Mayor of Tsukumi City, and the participating internship students was also held.

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