Special Lecture by the Vice President and Head of the Department of International Affairs Faculty at Thammasat University


Feb 15, 2024

On January 11, 2024, a special lecture was coordinated by Associate Professor Takashi Tsukamoto of APU, featuring Vice President Supasawad Chardchawarn, and Associate Professor M. L. Pinitbhand Paribatra, Head of the Department of International Affairs Faculty, from our partner university, Thammasat University in Thailand. This event marks the commencement of joint lectures between Thammasat University and APU, aiming to enhance education regarding politics in the Asia-Pacific region by leveraging insights from both institutions.

Under the title "Thailand's (New?) Politics and Foreign Policy after the 2023 General Election: What's Next?" the lecture provided insights into the latest developments in Thailand's domestic politics and foreign policy.

During the first half of the lecture, Vice President Supasawad elaborated on the history of political conflicts and coups in Thailand, along with an analysis of the power shift resulting from the lower house elections held last year, shedding light on the challenges of democratization in Thailand. In the latter half, Associate Professor Pinitbhand focused on Thailand's international relations and diplomacy, elucidating the country's relationships with neighboring nations, Western countries, and China. He emphasized the need for discussions on global standards such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), green economy, human security, and energy security.

In the Q&A session, numerous questions were raised by students, including those from Thailand, covering a wide range of topics including future domestic politics, economic trends, and prospects for diplomatic relations with Asian countries and the United States. Vice President Supasawat and Associate Professor Pinitbhand responded meticulously to each question, fostering in-depth discussions.

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