Beppu Short Movie Project: Workshop “Making a Movie: From Idea to Screen”


Feb 19, 2024

On January 22nd, a special workshop titled "Making a Movie: From Idea to Screen" was held on the APU campus for students and faculty members. The workshop included a special lecture by film directors and acting workshops, with approximately 60 students and faculty members participating.

The workshop was organized as part of the Beppu Short Movie Project planned for 2024, which aims to produce a short film set on the APU campus. The director leading the workshop was Mr. Kentaro Hagiwara, known for works such as "Tokyo Ghoul."

During the special lecture, Mr. Hagiwara and Ms. Maho Morita, the producer of the Beppu Short Movie Project, introduced the various stages of film production. They provided insights into the entire process from generating ideas to screening on the big screen, as well as the diverse roles involved in filmmaking, distribution, and promotion.

In the acting workshop, participants were challenged to portray emotions through non-verbal communication.

Mr. Hagiwara shared some behind-the-scenes ideas and notes from his previously released films, which received enthusiastic applause from the students.

Both Mr. Hagiwara and Ms. Morita advised the students to not only watch films for their favorite actors but also to explore multiple works by the same director. They emphasized that this approach would lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of different perspectives in filmmaking.

APU will continue to collaborate with the Beppu Short Movie Project to organize various events, including student exchange programs, production presentations, and premiere screenings, contributing to the production of short films set on the campus.

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