Student Voices Project: Recommendations Submitted to President Yoneyama


Mar 6, 2024

On February 9(Friday), 2024, representatives of the "Student Voices Project" submitted a set of recommendations to President Yoneyama. This initiative began in the 2020 academic year as a focused effort of the university, aiming to establish a mechanism for incorporating student voices into university operations.

As part of this initiative, from June to September 2023, students at APU were able to submit their opinions in a free format using an online open forum function. The project compiled insights and challenges from students regarding their daily university life.

Based on the gathered voices of current students, five representatives of the "Student Voices Project" took the lead. They analyzed the results of surveys conducted by the university and the responses provided by the university. Through activities such as hosting public discussion forums with student participation, they compiled student opinions on seven themes related to student life and learning environments.

These themes include:

  • Financial support for extracurricular activities
  • Support for non-native language lectures
  • Improving the convenience of online tools
  • Enhancing campus facilities
  • Improving services and pricing at the cafeteria
  • Enhancing the convenience of public transportation
  • Clarifying scholarship regulations on the university website

The compiled recommendations were submitted to President Yoneyama as a booklet, representing the suggestions that current students have for the university.

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