APU Signs Collaboration Agreement with Higashi Fukuoka Gakuen


Mar 18, 2024

On February 29, 2024, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) and Higashi Fukuoka Gakuen Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as Higashi Fukuoka Gakuen) held a signing ceremony for a collaborative agreement. Present at the ceremony were Chairman Mitsuhiro Tokuno, Vice Chairman Shinichiro Tokuno, Principal Isao Matsubara of Higashi Fukuoka High School, and Principal Nobuyasu Yoshimura of Higashi Fukuoka Jikyokan Middle School from Higashi Fukuoka Gakuen, as well as President Hiroshi Yoneyama, Vice President Hiroyuki Shinoda, and Deputy Director-General Shinji Maeda from APU. Chairman Tokuno and President Yoneyama signed the agreement.

With the signing of this agreement, both parties aim to promote mutual human exchange and utilize intellectual resources, addressing educational challenges appropriately and collaborating for the enhancement and development of education on both sides.

Key aspects of collaboration include:

  • Human exchange: Facilitating interactions between APU students and Higashi Fukuoka students, organizing activities such as group work and fieldwork centered on themes such as cross-cultural understanding education and multicultural collaboration.
  • Utilization of intellectual resources: Realizing exploratory learning through research-based approaches utilizing APU's Logical Flower Chart.
  • Enhancement and development of education: Providing advice on educational programs at Higashi Fukuoka Gakuen, supporting teacher training, and actively participating in APU-sponsored programs.

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