Student Group "Break the Cycle" Holds Workshop in the Republic of Liberia


Mar 21, 2024

From February 14th to 16th, and 19th to 21st, a total of 6 days, the student group "Break the Cycle," which is aimed at supporting the social advancement of women, held a workshop in the Republic of Liberia (hereinafter, Liberia) for teenage girls. The workshop, which focused not only on health issues but also on finding "meaning in life" through self-development, implemented a comprehensive approach to the issue of teenage pregnancy.

"Break the Cycle" is composed of three students from different backgrounds. Cherish SHJ Nyakoon from Liberia (College of Sustainability and Tourism, Liberia) has long hoped for her home country to transform into a society where women can thrive. She initiated this project with the support of Lisa Kaji (College of Asia Pacific Studies, Japan) and Masidza Msimbi Nasha (College of Sustainability and Tourism, Kenya). The group has been active as a supported project under APU's Project B since the fall of 2023.

During this workshop, held at two girls' schools in Liberia, sessions were conducted for three days each for the students, allowing all three members of the group to interact with the local participants. The workshop was conducted in a hybrid format, both online and offline, to ensure maximum engagement. Sessions included discussions on the issue of teenage pregnancy in Liberia, sounding the alarm on the high risks concerning one’s health and economic repercussions. Additionally, there were self-empowerment lectures to enhance self-affirmation and goal-setting, as well as a sandal-making project aimed at discovering the joy of acquiring creative skills and making things.

Participants in the workshop showed an active attitude, with many asking questions about understanding their strengths, weaknesses and methods for setting future goals. However, there were also participants who found it difficult to grasp the concepts immediately, presenting challenges for the members to engage with them thoughtfully. This highlighted the importance of continuous education and awareness. Cherish reflected, "After the workshop, several participants contacted us personally, which was a delightful response. We want to continue engaging to make a real positive impact."

Now that "Break the Cycle" has successfully held a workshop in Liberia, they plan to undertake initiatives within APU and in closer, more sustainable settings in the future.

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