Professor Alcantara Speaks at AACSB Deans Conference


Apr 4, 2024

From February 20th (Tuesday) to 22nd (Thursday), 2024, the AACSB (the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) hosted the Deans Conference, where leaders from over 700 business schools worldwide gathered.
On the third day of the meeting, February 22nd (Thursday), Professor ALCANTARA Lailani L. from our university's School of Management (referred to as SOM) took the stage. She presented an analysis of the external and internal factors of resilience within APU's distinctive multicultural environment. Additionally, she discussed specific examples and presented methods for building resilience within SOM, which can be encapsulated within the Triple I framework of Innovation, Inclusion, and Impact. SOM cultivates a culture that encourages bold thinking, leverages diversity through inclusion, transitions from seeking support to engaging stakeholders through collaborations, and breaks silos by fostering connections across offices and individuals.

Furthermore, the Deans Conference aimed to promote active communication among school stakeholders. Participants engaged in wide-ranging discussions on various challenges reflecting current business trends. These included the evolving role of deans due to advancements in AI, methods for promoting DX (Digital Transformation) within schools, and strategies for adapting to technological advancements.

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