Spring 2024 Entrance Ceremony


Apr 10, 2024

On Monday, April 1, 2024, the Spring Entrance Ceremony was held on the APU campus, welcoming 1,207 new students to the APU community. This spring, 1,097 undergraduate students from 60 countries and regions (748 domestic students, 349 international students) and 27 graduate students (27 international students) from 15 countries and regions enrolled. The number of exchange students and non-degree students accepted was 110 (21 domestic students, 89 international students) from 28 countries and regions.

Furthermore, as part of a welcome program for the new students, various activities, performances, and events were organized, such as international food stalls run by students, food trucks, a poster session to introduce research in seminars, photo spots, and fireworks. The new students thoroughly enjoyed these special festivities.

This year’s spring entrance ceremony was held in the Millennium Hall, with separate ceremonies for each undergraduate and graduate school. At the ceremony, President Yoneyama gave words of congratulations. “APU’s most attractive feature is its international campus, where students from around the world learn together, interact with each other, and can become friends. The key players at a university are you, the students. Although you might not be able to imagine it today, I want you to keep trying new things and become people ‘who possess the power to change the world.’ Your growth as APU students starts today.”
(You can read the President’s message to new students here:)

In his honored guest address, Mr. Yasuhiro Nagano, Mayor of Beppu City, announced, “This year, Beppu will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its incorporation as a city. I hope that you will join us in celebrating this historic moment in Beppu and act as a driving force behind our new leap forward.”

A representative from each undergraduate and graduate school was selected, and in their speeches, they expressed their aspirations and determination for university life.
Mei Kaneko, representing the College of Asia Pacific Studies (1st year, Japan), expressed her future outlook, stating her desire to work on a global stage alongside people from diverse backgrounds for the betterment of individuals with various backgrounds. Additionally, she encouraged her fellow new students, saying, "Let's create our own world by utilizing each other's uniqueness, and let's enjoy our student life at APU while supporting and helping each other."

Representing the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies, Kabuku Tracy Mwelwa (1st year graduate student, Namibia) expressed her enthusiasm for researching the trade policies affecting intra-regional trade in the Asia Pacific region, as well as the comparative study between Africa and the Asia Pacific region. She pledged to confront the challenges that come with the research process and to grow through them.

Irina Kawamura from the College of International Management (1st year, Japan), shared her experience of grappling with prejudice and preconceptions from others due to her dual heritage in two countries. She expressed how she has now overcome those challenges. She stated, “At APU, there is no need for everyone to be the same; being different is welcomed.” She expressed her joy in learning alongside diverse and unique peers and nurturing her dreams.

Sarwar Shoumik Adnan from the Graduate School of Management (1st year, Bangladesh), who aimed for an MBA degree through his experience in the investment banking industry, expressed his enthusiasm for seizing the opportunity at APU to build a network worldwide. He aspires to become a talented individual contributing to the financial sector in his homeland of Bangladesh in the future.

Haruka Ebara from the College of Sustainability and Tourism (1st year, Japan) expressed her goal of becoming a person who can take meaningful actions for the protection of the Earth's environment and promote a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature. She aims to encourage society to practice sustainable living. Engaging with people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds is a wonderful way to learn different perspectives and gain new insights.

The student representatives from each college also warmly welcomed the new students. Miho Nakayama (4th year, Japan), from the College of Asia Pacific Studies, has been advancing a compost project since enrolling at APU, under the aspiration of creating a world where waste is not called "garbage." She encouraged the new students, saying, "In APU's environment, where there are people who support your dreams and hopes and where you can challenge yourself, please challenge yourself as you wish."

Muhammad Ajnas Ahmed (4th year, India) from the College of International Management, shared advice for new students based on overcoming a fear of public speaking. He advised that in the first year of university, one should explore many things and gain self-awareness. In the second and third years, facing weaknesses and attempting to improve them should be a priority. He emphasized accepting the learning process and finding enjoyment in it, as weaknesses can be transformed into strengths through this journey.

Shuta Komizo (2nd year, Japan), from the College of Sustainability and Tourism, shared his desire to take action for solving social issues by applying the knowledge he gained in class. He is actively involved in food pantry activities, aiming to reduce food waste and alleviate poverty. From his involvement, he introduced three words starting with "C" that he learned: "Challenge," "Continue," and "Change." He emphasized the importance of these principles in addressing societal challenges.

You can watch the entrance ceremony video for each college from below.

- College of Asia Pacific Studies/ Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies:
- College of International management/ Graduate School of Management:
- College of Sustainability and Tourism:

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