One Young World Japan 2024 Spring Camp Held at APU


May 2, 2024

From April 1st (Mon) to 5th (Fri), the "One Junior World Japan 2024 Spring Camp" , consisting of 27 high school students from various regions of Japan and overseas, was conducted at the APU campus under the organization and operation of the One Young World Japan.

High school students gathered under the theme of Social Entrepreneurship, and selected challenges from five categories: food crisis, education, climate change, mental health, and peace. After online group work sessions, they gathered at APU campus. At APU, they attended lectures, listened to role model talks by social entrepreneurs, participated in presentation workshops, and prepared for their presentations while receiving input and advice from international students on campus. They then challenged themselves in the final day's presentation event.

In the presentation event, the team that devised a business plan focusing on peace in East Asia was awarded first place. This team conducted interviews with many international students on campus, learning that "youth dialogue is the key to eliminating prejudice and preconceptions." Therefore, they proposed a business plan called "EAGER (East Asian Glocal Empowerment Reporters)" to organize local reporters from various countries to disseminate real-time information worldwide from a youth perspective, and were granted ¥100,000 as activity support funds to realize this plan.

The past five days were remarkable, seeing high school students from across the nation come together, despite being strangers, and dive energetically into discussions about identifying societal problems and taking social action.

*About One Young World:

One Young World, also known as the Young Davos, provides a platform for next-generation leaders from around the world to gather and accelerate positive impacts on various international issues. The summit, held annually in different countries, brings together representatives from over 190 countries and regions to engage in direct discussions and exchanges of opinions with top leaders who have significant influence in various fields such as politics, economics, and humanitarian aid activities, inspiring them for their own activities.

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