APU Student Receives Letter of Appreciation from Beppu Police Chief


Jun 18, 2024

On Wednesday, May 29, 2024, Areeba Rehman, a fourth-year student from Pakistan who is in the College of International Management, received a letter of appreciation from the Beppu Police Chief. Areeba discovered an elderly person who was lost and alone in Beppu City and promptly notified the relevant authorities. As a result, the elderly individual, who had been reported missing, was safely found and brought to safety. The Beppu Police expressed their gratitude for Areeba's significant contribution to the search efforts.

Areeba attended the award ceremony with a bright smile and told reporters, "The elderly people in Beppu have always been kind to me, and I wanted to repay their kindness."

APU also expresses great respect for Areeba's actions, and president Yoneyama conveyed his gratitude. APU remains committed to fostering an environment where we can continue to collaborate with the local community.

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