Center for Inclusive Leadership (CIL) Holds First Conference


Jun 26, 2024

The Center for Inclusive Leadership (CIL) held its first international conference, "CIL Conference 2024," from June 1st (Saturday) to June 2nd (Sunday) at Ritsumeikan University Osaka Ibaraki Campus (OIC).

Currently, the world is facing numerous societal, economic, and environmental challenges; therefore, achieving a better future for all necessitates promoting inclusive and sustainable practices. To address these challenges, the conference aimed to facilitate discussions and networking among experts, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers worldwide to share research, experiences, and initiatives related to inclusion and sustainability under the theme "INCLUSION x SUSTAINABILITY."

The conference commenced with plenary session and panel session under the theme “Cultivating Inclusive Thought in the Japanese Education System” led by President YONEYAMA Hiroshi, Professor, HORIE Miki from the College of Global Liberal Arts at Ritsumeikan University, and the Director of the CIL and Associate Professor, SHINOHARA Yoshiki (College of International Management). President YONEYAMA shared his vision for the future in light of APU's multicultural environment, including the creation of a global learning community.

Approximately 70 participants from 14 countries attended, including many young researchers, APU graduate students, and alumni, who all contributed to research presentations and lively exchanges of ideas based on diverse practices from various countries. Participants expressed that the event “was a great opportunity to broaden perspectives on the concept of inclusion,” and that the enthusiasm of the presenters and the cooperative atmosphere among the participants made for a fruitful exchange of ideas.

Established in July 2019, the CIL serves as a driving force for promoting inclusion and aims to expand the potential of diversity through its activities. As one of APU's leading research centers, the CIL continues to foster research activities, discussions, and workshops.

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