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Continuing from Part1, SPA will write a list of student staff and part-time jobs offering on the APU campus for students.

5. Academic and Learning Resource Staff (ALRCS)

ALRCS is a student organization that resides in the library and works with the Academic Office to support students' independent learning. They are the ones to look for when you need help with setting up VPNs, reserving facilities such as group study rooms and event spaces, or borrowing and returning books. In the SSAW(Study Skills and Writing) course, students are required to attend a session held by ALRCS to learn about using databases at APU. They hold other sessions on basic computer skills as well. They also publish their own magazine, known as FOCUS, so they are always in need of good designers.
ALRCS is a great organization to be a part of as you can improve your professionalism by working directly with the Academic Office. There are also many teams depending on your abilities. Do you want to be a part of the Training Team, Session & Guidance Team, Environment Team, Design Team or Manaba Team?

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6. Global Admission Student Staff (GASS)

APU attracts visitor from all over the world. Who will be there to guide them? Either GASS or ASA, of course! GASS organizes and operates the open campus mainly for Japanese high school students and their parents. Although the biggest event they deal with is open campus. They run a monthly “キャンパス見学会“campus tour and they also assist high school students when they come to APU. While they give a campus tour and introduce them to what they are learning, having a variety of activities to help high school students want to study at APU. Recruiting members is once a year in the spring semester.
Are you interested in GASS? Check out the official SNS!

GASS members in 2018 (Photo from Facebook)

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7. APU Student Ambassador (ASA)

ASA are more likely to welcome guests from companies, corporations, or even the government. They also have opportunities to interact with elementary school children and to be interviewed by the media.
Japanese is undoubtedly needed to apply for this position; but, 70% of members of ASA is international students. You will represent APU, sometimes to famous officials, so the job is very honorable indeed. Members will be recruited in the spring at the campus terminal.

ASA is managed by the President's Office, which is responsible for APU's media, so ASA may have a chance to be interviewed by TV and newspapers.

8. Fellow Advisory Group (FLAG)

Want to work but afraid it will interfere with your studying? Come to FLAG! FLAG is a short-term activity before the beginning of every semester at APU. As a member of FLAG, you will plan welcoming events, explain rules, and give information to new students so that they will get used to their new environment as soon as possible. They inform the new students not only about the university, but also about the information and rules necessary for living in Beppu.
Although the job only lasts for around one month, you are certain to make a lot of new friends, not only with fellow FLAG members but also with the new students you guide. Through planning activities, you can gain initiative, teamwork, and leadership skills.

The FLAG motto is “Just Ask Me”!

9. Ritsumeikan co-op, Shop/ Cafeteria/ Pacific Café Staff

APU also offers part-time work for students at the COOP shop, Cafeteria, and Pacific Café if you are looking for a more lighthearted job. These stores are run by the Ritsumeikan Co-op, not the university. At the COOP, you will mostly be checking out for customers, as well as stocking the shelves and assisting them as needed. At the Cafeteria and Pacific Café, you are responsible for putting out plates of delicious food for hungry students and faculty members. Sometimes you will also cater for special events and guests who visit APU.
International students will need some Japanese, but it will provide flexible scheduling to match your busy timetable.
The openings of these jobs are not posted on Campus Terminal, but rather you will have to apply through the COOP itself.
However, I should mention that all three stores are not currently hiring for part-time jobs because they are currently shortening their hours of operation.

The Cafeteria in 2020.

That’s all we have for the second part of our list. If you haven’t heard of some of the jobs on this list, just imagine how many jobs we will reveal in the second part. Please share this list with your friends who want to work as student staff or part-time at APU, and don’t forget to stay tuned for our next article!


The article is based on coverage in 2020. Due to the COVID-19,the situation may be different from normal, so please check the campus terminal and each website for the latest information.

All international students have permission to be in Japan (a visa) for studying at a university. If an international student wants to do something not covered by their visa – like work a part time job, serve as a TA, take an internship, or participate in certain local exchange events – they must first apply for and get a work permit. You can apply for a work permit even if you haven't found a part-time job or an internship yet, so we recommend applying for one in advance.

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PHAM Van Khanh
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