First-Year Student Workshop II Students Give Final Presentations for AY2013


Feb 4, 2014

On Wednesday, January 22, 2014, students from APU's First-Year Student Workshop II classes gathered for a final presentation session. The workshop instructors, APU Vice President Imamura Masaharu and Professor Joe Hicks, the Director of the Educational Development and Learning Support Center Director, were on hand to provide feedback.

First-Year Student Workshop is a mandatory subject for all freshmen. Workshop I aims to provide students with the basic study skills they need to succeed at university, such as literature survey techniques, research methods and essay writing skills, while Workshop II is designed to promote intercultural understanding between domestic and international students by making use of APU's multicultural environment.

The main theme of Workshop II changes every year, and this year's theme was "Proposing Projects to Invigorate APU". With the support of Teaching Assistants (TAs), approximately 1,200 new students over two semesters planned and implemented a wide range of proposals, and seven student groups out 224 were chosen for their outstanding plans. During the final session, these seven groups gave bilingual presentations on their proposals, which included ways to improve manners in cafeteria lines and an event to express appreciation to the local bus companies upon which students depend.

The session ended with a closing statement by Vice President Imamura, who said, "With your proposals, you all tried to change something, and communicating the need to change to others is called leadership. By pooling your leadership in teams, you can exhibit considerable influence on others. When you promote change, it is important to adjust the things that don't work, but I believe you, as APU students, will become change agents when you enter the real world, and I think you will be able to put your experiences from this class to use in the future.”

AY2013 First-Year Student Workshop II Outstanding Presentations

Instructors Presentation Title
Associate Professor TSUTSUI Kumiko,
Associate Professor TATEYAMA Hirokuni
 Culture Talk  30 minutes cross-cultural understanding
<Students (College,Nationality)>
UEO Yumiko (APS, Japan) / HAMAHATA So (APS, Japan) / DING Meng (APS,China) / TAKAHASHI Kozo (APM, Japan) / NGUYEN Khanh Linh (APM,Socialist Republic of Viet Nam) / MUHAMMAD Arif Fauzan(APM,Republic of Indonesia)
Associate Professor SHIN Kimie,
Assistant Professor UEHARA Yuko
Balloon Message Delivery
MIYAGI Natsumi (APS,Japan) / YUNOKUCHI Madoka(APS,Japan) / SEO Dongsu(APM,Republic of Korea) / SATO Shin(APM,Japan) / THAKUR Ravinder S.(APM,India) / VU Le Thuc Anh(APM,Socialist Republic of Viet Nam)
Associate Professor CUTTING Miki,
Assistant Professor FUDEUCHI Misa
HA Thanh Tung(APS,Socialist Republic of Viet Nam) / SUETSUGU Satsuki(APS,Japan) / WATANABE Hiroyuki(APM,Japan) /CHOI Jihae(APM,Republic of Korea) /HASEGAWA Asahi(APM,Japan) /KILICHOVA Sarvinoz(APM,Republic of Uzbekistan)
Associate Professor TSUTSUI Kumiko,
Associate Professor TATEYAMA Hirokuni
APU Tube
TANAKA Hiroto(APS,Japan)/OH Hyenji(APS,Republic of Korea)/UNO Ayumi(APS,Japan)/REINBOLD Marvin H.(APM,Federal Republic of Germany)//GOTO Yuki(APM,Japan)DUONG Bao Thi Anh(APM,Socialist Republic of Viet Nam)
Associate Professor KANAI Shusuke,
Associate Professor QIAN Xuepeng
Line in cafeteria
HAGA Satoko(APS,Japan)/DOAN Hong Ngoc(APS,Socialist Republic of Viet Nam)/HIEDA Hayato(APM,Japan)/GOTO Yuri(APM,Japan)/YUSUPOV Fozilbek(APM,Republic of Uzbekistan)/HANG Zhewen(APM,China)
Associate Professor CUTTING Miki,
Assistant Professor FUDEUCHI Misa
What is "Happiness"??
YASUEDA Mona(APS,Japan)/TOSHIMA Daisuke(APS,Japan)/MURASE Yui(APS,Japan)/OZAKI Hiroaki(APM,Japan)/NGUYEN Huong Giang(APM,Socialist Republic of Viet Nam)/LEE Chan Woo(APM,Republic of Korea)
Associate Professor HIRAI Tatsuya,
Associate Professor SATO Hiroto
Love Chain
KOMINE Rikako(APS,Japan)/YANG Sen(APS,Taiwan)/WATANABE Sayuri(APS,Japan)/INOUE Yosuke(APM,Japan)LIN Xiaojing(APM,China)/MAJID Mohamed A.M.A.(APM,United Arab Emirates)
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