Aiming to promote student interaction, REACT launches kickoff event


May 17, 2021

The student group REACT (Return-to-campus Activity CoordinaTor) was established in April of 2021 to reinvigorate student interaction, which has been lacking since the implementation of online classes. The group organizes both online and campus events in order to foster connections between students.

May 5, 2021 marked REACT’s kickoff event. The group distributed food at APU’s campus, taking over a project started by APUHands* to support students who lost part-time work or are otherwise struggling under the current pandemic. Despite the rain, the group provided retort pouch and canned foods to a total of 320 students, most of whom were APU House residents.

REACT will continue to plan initiatives to stimulate interaction on campus.

For updated event information, click here.
SNS (Instagram:apureact_official

*What is APU Hands

APU Hands is a volunteer organization of 40 APU graduates, faculty, and staff members established to provide aid to APU students who have lost part-time work or are otherwise suffering as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. In the total of 14 times APU Hands held events to distribute food, the group has helped 6,155 students.

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