APU students win at International Online Case Competition 2022


May 20, 2022

The International Online Case Competition 2022 (IOCC 2022) was held online from Friday, April 15 and ended on Sunday, May 1 with a team consisting of 3 APU students winning at the Grand Finale.

IOCC is a student business case competition sponsored by APU students selected for APU's activity support system, Project B *, and this is the first time it has been held. With a new style that allows students from all over the world to form teams across university boundaries, more than 100 teams participated and competed for solutions to various management issues.

In the Grand Finale, the sponsor company, AlphaSights presented a challenge to the four finalist teams. Students acted as consultants for multiple global companies at AlphaSights, and after investigating the market for the needs of each of the four customers, they proposed specialists they thought were most qualified to address those needs. After deliberation, the judges granted team Sputnik, 3 out of 4 of whom are APU students, the first championship of this event.

Nichakorn Kurpipat (College of International Management 4th year, Thailand), a member of the winning team, said, "I think our teamwork was good. Whenever a problem occurred, we shared it as soon as possible and everyone tackled that problem immediately, so we could move on to the next step. We also thoroughly managed the time. We planned the overall schedule, so we had time to rehearse and be well prepared for the final presentation.”

Regarding future goals, Punrawee Nidhi-u-tai (College of International Management 4th year, Thailand) said, "I want to go to graduate school, study marketing, and get a master's degree. I want to start a business in the future." As for Thichichaya Kititarakul (College of International Management 4th year, Thailand), she says, "I would like to return to Thailand after graduation and start a business related to Thai amulets.”

* What is "Project B" (event / project support system type B)?
APU's event / project support system supports events proposed by student groups and projects for a limited period of time. The purpose is to encourage students to think deeply and carry out their plans, acquiring the planning and management skills necessary for working adults, as well as to promote personal growth through activities. These activities are categorized into three types: Type A: Autonomous Events, Type B: Selected Project, and Type C: Enterprise & NPO Co-create Project. Students can receive support based on the type of their activity.

Projects selected as Type B are creative and exceptional endeavors that cultivate cross-cultural receptivity and collaborative skills to play an active role in the international community. Selected projects should also use knowledge gained from the classroom to contribute to society. Selected projects will receive strong support from the Student Office, including training and feedback to enhance planning and management skills, as well as financial support.

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