Event Schedule

Thai Week (until 7/24)

This event has concluded.


Monday, July 20, 2015 - Friday, July 24, 2015


Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

First day(7/20)

"Parade" 12:10~12:25 @ Fountain
Parade showcasing many Thai traditional performances including procession of the groom's parents parade, Land of smile song performance, Muay Thai, fan dance, and North-eastern Thai style dance.

Second day(7/21)

"Spicy Eating Contest" 12:15~13:30 @ Fountain
Candidates from many nationalities compete by eating variety of Thai spicy foods within the time limits.In each round, competitors have to compete with each other by eating Thai spicy foods that we have prepared. Audiences can also enjoy these dishes.

Third day(7/22)

"Thai Cooking Class" 13:00~15:00 @AP Kitchen
Some of Thai traditional foods will be introduced through Cooking class. Participants will enjoy how to cook and the taste of traditional foods.

Fourth day(7/23)

"Back to school day" 12:10~12:25 @ Fountain
On this day, most of Thai students in APU will wear their Thai school uniform. Also there will be some dances in school uniforms in front of the fountain.

Fifth day(7/24)

Grand performance "Nathaya the theatre" 18:30~20:00 (doors open 18:00) @ Millennium Hall
"Nathaya the theatre", a romantic comedy stage play with the theme of Thailand in 1940s, represents the country when Thai society and culture are starting to be influenced by western culture. This is a story of a guy who recently graduated from a foreign university and came back to visit his homeland. Never being able to ignore his mother’s order, he had to go to Nathaya theatre as a spy and find the way to help his mother acquire the land, on which Nhataya theatre was located, and turn into a profit for her business. There, he met a daughter of the theatre’s owner, who was the one who opened his eyes and taught him how beautiful Thai culture is. Would Pat still do what he was told? Or would he stand against his mother and help Nathaya theatre to gain its reputation back again? That is for you to find out at Thai Week Grand Show 2015, “Nathaya the theatre”.

Monday July 20 – Friday July 24
"Thai Corner" 10:00~17:00 @ Cafeteria display booth
Enjoy Thai culture throughout many activities such as lucky draw, photo booth and etc. Try out on our traditional costumes and tasting some Thai desserts.

"Thai Ethic foods" Lunce time only @ Cafeteria Ethnic food corner
Come try and enjoy variety of Thai traditional foods.